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Le Rendez-Vous has a unique setting downtown, far enough from the plaza so that it’s quiet, but only a 3 minutes’ walk to the main square :
      Wake up to bird songs;

      Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley from your terrace;

      Lie down in a hammock, observe humming birds  and butterflies in the garden;

      Admire stars at night around the bonfire;

      Or just relax in your room with a book or a movie chosen from our extensive library.

      Or just relax by taking the most of our FREE WiFi, a book or a movie from our library.

Harmony between nature and comfort

The 14 rooms of Le Rendez-Vous combine the traditional architecture of the area and the indispensable comfort for a pleasant stay:
      Adobe bricks provide coolness during the day and slowly release the solar warmth throughout the night.

      The ceilings made of eucalyptus beams and small bamboos, combined with the massive white walls covered with lime, contribute to textural warmth.

      Hand formed roof tiles and tile floors, both of native red clay, are in a perfect harmony with the outside walls, covered by a natural yellow earth extracted in the valley.


The 14 rooms are distributed around the lush garden or along our new courtyard:

      8 rooms surround a gorgeous garden adorned with local plants such as Aloe Vera, Banana trees, Hibiscus, Bamboo, Ferns, Exotic Flowers, Sugar cane around a majestic Avocado tree.

      5 rooms along the patio, provide the same commodities, with private or shared bathroom.

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hostal \'le rendez-vous\'

Diego Vaca de Vega à-6\'\' y la paz

Vilcabamba - provincia de Loja - Ecuador

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